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ALTANOVA GROUP provides solutions covering the full range of diagnostic tools needed for any practical application in electrical systems. Our OFFLINE TESTING EQUIPMENT is designed to perform maintenance and commissioning tests on primary and secondary injection systems. A large number of tests can be executed by the support of external devices and modules. That allows us to provide the perfect solution suitable for any type of requirement. For the real time condition control of electrical assets, we provide ONLINE MONITORING systems allowing high performance asset management solutions, tailored on customer needs.

Factory Acceptance Test

Thanks to IEC regulations, whenever a medium/high voltage apparatus is released from the factory, PD level must be checked in order to ensure the good quality of the product and the insulation system. Techimp provides solutions for PD testing in accordance with IEC standards and provides effective tools for advanced analysis. Moreover, in presence of strong disturbance components, Techimp technology allows to increase the measurement sensitivity using its UWB detection system combined with its proprietary filtering technique allowing an equivalent results in IEC bandwidth to be reached.


Commissioning test on HV Cable (with RTS)

Commissioning tests are the final check on the cable, in order to pinpoint eventual problems caused during the installation process. These tests consist in the application of Hipot Test for 1 hour thanks to an external source (RTS - resonant testing system). The level of the overvoltage is specified by the specific international regulation. Techimp personnel will provide an accurate measurement in order to verify absence of dangerous Partial discharge phenomena discriminating between possible noises or disturbances.

Commissioning test on HV Cable (SOAK test)

These tests are performed usually for 24 h simulating a typical working condition voltage stress (without load). Techimp personnel will provide an accurate manual measurement and more data can be saved leaving the instruments on monitoring mode for all the duration of the test. In the monitoring period the system will automatically acquire data, providing a data set for the whole 24 hours.

Commissioning test on MV Cable (VLF test)

Commissioning tests are the final check on the cable, in order to pinpoint eventual problems caused during the installation process. In such conditions very low frequency power supply are the most fitting solution. In fact, comparing with the HV field, resonant test sets can be even more expensive than the cable system.
VLF generators are easy to carry on and can be energized with normal LV power supply. Due to the mainly capacitive load a voltage generator working at 0.1 Hz can easily energize long cables with a relatively low power.
The equipment under test is disconnected from the load and the noise is low enough to enable a time domain reflectometry analysis. Together with the Partial Discharge test it is possible to perform some macroscopic diagnostic techniques such as: polarization index and tangent delta of the cable under test.
The combination of the diagnostic results of the 3 testing techniques covers very well the possible insulation ageing problems those can occur in the lifetime of the asset.

Commissioning test on GIS

Before connecting the system to the grid, it is recommended to perform, together with the AC test, a partial discharge investigation in order to check presence of possible defects. The output of the commissioning test is an accurate Technical Report, released by Service dept., containing diagnosis based on traffic light logic, conclusions and suggested actions.

Data Analysis & Report

PD data interpretation requires a certain level of expertise and it is the most important part on the PD assessment. In fact, wrong data evaluation could lead to a wrong final diagnosis of the tested assets. An external PD phenomenon could be identified as an internal defect or even worse an internal defect couldn’t be properly recognized.
Techimp - Altanova Group with its team of PD experts offers a complete data analysis service. Data collected during on-site measurements will be analysed carefully and a comprehensive technical report will be issued specifying :

- Final diagnosis
- Recommended actions
- How to further monitor the critical assets or the assets where PD was detected

Service Card

By subscribing the Service Card Association, in combination with the purchase of one of our Partial Discharge diagnostic instrument, customers have the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits for one year (according to the terms and conditions stated in the Service Card Agreement).

You will take advantage from the following benefits:

- Data analysis service: Should you face any difficulty with some particular acquired data, you shall be entitled to submit data to TechImp and take advantage of our analyst’s expertise for the processing and interpretation of Partial Discharge data.

- Special price for any further required analysis. Once the contractual limit (of the number of analysis) has been reached, you shall be entitled to have a special price for all the additional analysis required during the year, exceeding those included.

Licencee Program

Business opportunity

The Licencee Program is an opportunity for companies interested in becoming partners with The ALTANOVA Group to provide services in the field of Partial Discharge assessment.

Technical support

By becoming a Licencee, a company willing to expand its service offering will gain easy access to Techimp’s expertise and experience in the PD field, thus eliminating the barriers of entry to this specific business sector.


A Licencee will benefit from training initiatives such as the “PD Academy”, designed to continuously improve sales and technical skills of the ALTANOVA partners.


A Licencee can also benefit from the ALTANOVA Group’s marketing efforts in the organization of local events such trade exhibitions or conferences.

In-house Testing

A brand new Standard for PD measurements on rotating machines fed by power electronics has just been released.

IEC 60034-18-41: Partial discharge free electrical insulation systems (Type I) used in rotating electrical machines fed from voltage converters – Qualification and quality control tests.

Techimp offers In-house testing activities, with its own instrument designed for impulsive test, to perform the pre-compliance test according to the standard.

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